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Many people find themselves suffering from one or a number of mental health disorders or conditions on a daily basis. If you are one of these people you have possibly experienced more bad days than good. Most of the treatment options for these types of problems usually consist of medication and therapy. Recently there has been a surge in the introduction of emotional support animals as a solution. They are used to treat symptoms to a lot of the mental health conditions that exist. This is because pets have a lot of therapeutic benefits. They make their owners feel better mentally and emotionally. Simply by providing companionship, love and affection without ever asking for anything in return. Well maybe they ask for a little rub here and there but what they give to their owners far outweigh anything that they need.

How Do I Get an Emotional Support Animal?

The first step towards getting an emotional support animal is by going to see a mental health professional. Medical doctors don’t normally involve themselves with prescribing ESAs for their patients. This is because their purpose is to treat mental issues not physical ailments. Once you meet with your mental health professional they will check you for any mental disorders or conditions. If you have not been checked before. Then if they think you would enjoy the companionship of an emotional support animal they will write a letter stating so.

A17This should be written on your doctor’s letterhead and presented wherever it’s required. If you do not know who to go to for approval you can easily look up any psychologists or physicians near you. Even therapists can issue emotional support animal certification. If you are having trouble finding one on your own your medical doctor may be able to provide you with recommendations.

What Can I Do With My ESA?

If you have been given emotional support animal certification then you will be able to move into housing complexes no matter what pet policies they may have. You can also take your pet with you on airplanes and have them sit on the floor in front of you or in your lap. Just as long as they are not disruptive to others or too large to be seated comfortably.

Dogs, cats and other animals have many talents. They can be trained as companions, as work animals and even as show ponies. But, the best talent of all is the ability to make their owners feel better just by being there.


Insomnia or commonly known as sleeplessness, is a disorder which if present does not allow you to sleep for long hours or for the period of time you want to sleep. The major default with insomnia is that it has no fixed age group which it affects. About 15% of the total adults suffer from this disorder. This can be of two types, short term which lasts up to 3-4 weeks or long term which is more than 3-4 weeks. This disorder further exposes the patient to some memory problems, depression, a greater risk of heart disease and a few automobile related accidents. There are a few remedies which are used by the patients which ranging from taking medicines to buying pets like dogs help them curb their disorder.

Most popular remedies for Insomnia

By now you must have understood the basics of insomnia, so now you can focus on the ways which would help you cure your disorder. There are various methods of curing Insomnia.

1) Over the counter remedies-

  • Medicines- You will find these commonly used medicines like sleeping pills in d market with the help of a doctor’s prescription.
  • Sprays- Today market has launched various sprays, which can be purchased over the counter without any prescription to help you sleep quicker.
  • Sleeping aids and stimulants- In other over the counter elements you can get these sleeping assistance ingredients which are prescribed by your doctor depending on your condition. They too help you to sleep peacefully.


2) Other Activities to help get rid of insomnia-

  • Regular exercise- exercising can help your body burn calories which are not a regular part of your lifestyle. If you indulge in some general exercise or a sport then that may help you to improve your resting pattern. But make sure that you do not indulge into these activities before your sleeping time; they may back fire and keep you awake.
  • No smoke, No caffeine- if you consume either of them or may be both then you need to leave the habit as soon as possible. If you want a cup of coffee in the mornings then its fine, but no caffeine in the evenings. And if you smoke then that is known to disrupt your sleep pattern.
  • Sleeping environment- In many cases, the noisy sleeping environment leads to the problem. That is exactly why you need to make sure that the environment is peaceful, with minimal lighting, temperature should not be too hot or too cold.


3) Animal help-

  • An emotional support animal- There is another technique which can be used by the patients. That is they can get an emotional support animals which are trained to help the patients. If you are suffering from Insomnia then a pet can actually help you cure the disorder.
  • A dog would be the best- They are trained to help you get sleep and remind you when it is time to take your medicines, wake you up on time, help you with your daily tasks. A dog will take good care of you and the best part is that they do not have high maintenance.
  • No paperwork, hassle free- If you feel that pets would help you, then you can get your paperwork done online also. There are many doctors who do not believe in prescribing animal, but if you want you can get a prescription online easily without any hassle.

So, to decide the top therapy for you it would be best if you look into the details of each and every activity. After looking into the details, you’ll get a clear picture of what is going to suit you. You can opt for any over the counter measure any they will be happy to help you.

Rental history is a report which is important for getting accommodations in a new apartment or buying a property. This report is necessary from the tenant’s perspective. It is like a report card which is issued by the credit agency to show whether the person is eligible for renting or buying an apartment or not. This report shows the person’s credit history and his past records of payment terms and is reviewed all the time when a person applies for a new rental home.

Who reviews the credit scores?

The credit scores are pulled by the landlords and management companies when a person apples for a rental home. This is reviewed extensively to gage whether the person was a defaulter at any point of time or was incapable to pay his debts. Many times the tenant is also evicted by the landlord on nonpayment of dues or rent. This history is accessible to all the people whom the person owes money. The credit score can also be viewed by the tenant in order to make sure that it is appropriate; else they can go for improvisation. Improvising is not an easy task as the credit scores have already gone bad and it will take a lot to revise it.


One can stop people from seeing their rental history by keeping it up to date. This needs timely payments of all the dues owed to everyone. It will help maintain the credit scores to be on all-time high. It is necessary for a person to keep the credit scores clean just like any mortgage payment. They should always keep in mind that each and every payment counts to make the credit history strong.

How to improvise the scores?

The scores are registered when a person defaults in making payments. This needs to be taken back by the person who has registered the scores. Usually it is not easy to convince the landlord to take the scores back, but it is also not impossible. Many landlords agree to take back the scores as and when the tenant makes the payment. They agree to accept late payments and give a chance to the person to clear off their debts to get good credit scores. However, some landlords do not give a chance to a defaulter as they fear of the history being repeated again with them.

Rental history can also have many other factors like owning pets. Many neighborhoods do not allow pets in their vicinity for various reasons. This poses a problem for the tenant to get a new accommodation. But this hurdle can be overcome with ease. If the owner is emotionally connected with the pet he or she can get an emotional support animal certification from a therapist or a company which provides such certifications. This certification allows the owner to legally accommodate along with their pets in any neighborhood they desire. In case, if the landlord does not permit the tenant housing on such grounds; the former will have to face legal action under the Fair Housing Amendment Act where the tenant has the right to keep the pet for medical reasons.

It is quite natural to have a bad day once in few good days. Having a bad day is acceptable, but if you’re not able to deal with it in the right way, then it might lead to grave problems. Usually, people turn to their loved ones to get a strong emotional support and most of them are quite lucky to get one when they want. But, not everyone is available all the time to be there and support their near and dears ones. This is when pets come into picture and their importance is realized. Pets are the ones that are always there for you, no matter what.

Get an ESA to live with your pet

Emotional Support Animal is a legal term in US which throws light on the fact that you are legally allowed to keep a pet for yourself if you are emotionally down. These pets are known to provide therapeutic treatments and benefit to the individual. This is possible by the unconditional love and affection that a pet gives to its owner. ESA pets are given special training and that is why they are a little different than the normal pets that you get.

Which is better emotional support- Pet cat or family?


This question usually daunts lot of people, because lot of people feel that their friends and relatives are always there for them, but when they actually turn to them for emotional help, lot of people face disappointment because their support are busy in their own lives. But a pet cat will not only always be there for you always, but will also need no special attention. Thus, a pet cat is preferred over family and other animals as well when it comes to emotional support.

Why people turn out to animals for emotional support?

Animals, specially dogs and cats are a man’s best friends. The emotional support that comes from pets cannot be compared. When there is nobody to listen to you, you can turn towards your pet, they will listen to your thoughts, feelings, anguish without any complaints or demands. Below are few reasons why you must have an ESA in your house if you are facing any problems emotionally.

  • They keep your blood pressure under control. This is because they do not allow you to drift into your own thought with their constant demand for attention.
  • Cats love to play, and make you play with them.
  • They bring a smile to your face, which automatically reduces tension and stress. This is possible only by pets because they come running to you wagging their tails as soon as you enter home.
  • They are by your side 24 X 7. Just go hug them and half of your pain is already gone and when they reciprocate your gestures, you feel good.
  • Cats are trained to be sophisticated and decent. They do not litter your house. They automatically go their litter box, keeping your house clean.
  • Lastly, you can leave your cat at home without any fear, by just leaving a small window open, from where they can go for a small walk and come back on their own.

So, if you think you have a bad time going on in your life, then go to a consultant, get an approval letter to keep an ESA pet. You will feel the change automatically.

Are you looking for some emotional support to alleviate your physical or emotional disability? Emotional support pet is the best available solution to your problem. Such pets are allowed to stay free at your place without any extra charges. If you have been diagnosed with evident emotional or physical disability, these pets provide you the required emotional support that you are seeking. Most of the times the emotional support animals are dogs or cats, but it may include other animals too.

The role of emotional support pets in relieving symptoms of psychiatric disorders has been well researched and documented. Therefore, it is no more difficult to apply for and subsequently get an emotional support evaluation. There are simple steps to follow which include appearing for small clinical interview and formalized tests conducted by psychologist. After assessing your data the psychologist will write a letter to certify that you need an emotional support animal.

Who can apply for it?


People having following disabilities can get ESA certification-

  • Any type of social phobia
  • Stress and depressive disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Personality disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • General or specialized anxiety
  • And all psychological disorders recognized by diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder.

There are various websites available which offer you online examination and provide the certification within 2-3 business days. The online examination takes hardly 30 to 45 minutes. Upon completing the test you have to make the payment. A licensed therapist will assess your evaluation and revert back to you with the results. If you qualify the test you will get your approval letter within 48 hours. However, if you do not qualify the test, you will get your money refunded without any deductions.

What all you need to know before you go for such evaluation?

There are several types of emotional support evaluation documents that one can get like a travel letter, a temporary housing letter and permanent housing letter. If you are traveling with emotional support animal you will be asked to produce a travel letter to certify that it is your emotional support pet. This letter will allow you to travel with your pet on planes, trains and ships, moreover it never expires. However, it is only for travel purpose and not for housing purpose.

If your landlord is not allowing you to keep such animal, you can show a temporary housing letter to prove that your pet is for emotional support. This particular letter has one year validity and can be renewed. To avoid every year renewal one can opt for a permanent housing letter. It is a onetime process and even if the certificate holder moves to other location it is still valid.

Thus, having an emotional support animal helps one in lowering many of the symptoms of psychological disabilities. But at the same time it is very important to protect your pet under federal guidelines to avoid legal issues. Getting online certification will reduce your task even more as you need not have to convince your doctor for such approval.